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Core return and return

Request a return

You need to return a product ? A core charge, a warranty or anything else ? You have to follow these steps if you want us to manage your return efficiently : 

- connect to you account 

- go on "my order"

- select the concerned order

- scroll down your screen, go to return a product, write a short description

- select the reason (warranty, not the right piece...)

- select if you want to be refund or get a new piece

- select the way you want to be pay back (in a case of a refund)

- then validate

Insert the return in a box and protect the product. Any product damage during the delivery won't be refund. You can use the prepaid label we sent us for the return (the amount of the label will be deducted from the set value on redemption). This way, you have simply to put the piece in the original box and stick the label on it, and then go to the closer post office.

Prepare your package to return the Core

Instructions: Upon receipt, we check the deposit item: Click here to see the acceptance criteria for your deposit. You will then be reimbursed the amount of the deposit. If it meets the above conditions

Please note: You must return your deposit within 30 days of receiving your order. After this period, your deposit will not be refunded. Products dismantled and / or damaged at the body of the part will not be reimbursed.


Guarantee: The parts in demand for guarantee are sent directly to the factories for a state and an analysis of the defect of the part. Only the parts whose defect is a design problem are taken into warranty. Any part showing signs of forced use, modification, or other evidence showing improper use of the part will result in a refusal of warranty.

If the warranty is accepted, the customer can either claim a refund for the part or return a new part.

In case of refusal, a refusal voucher is sent to the customer and the part is either returned to the customer or destroyed in the factory.


Product Return: For returns of parts due to an error in the order, or in the choice of product, we will only accept parts in return and only if they have not been used or mounted. No product exchange or refund will be accepted if applicable. The customer has 30 days after receipt of the part to return it to us.There is no exchange of product possible in return product.


Battery warranty

In order to determine whether the fault in the battery comes from use or from its design, they must pass the "midtronics report, voltage or other" test. Only a state of these tests will allow us to determine if the fault comes under warranty or not.

To carry out these tests you can send us your battery at your expense so that we can carry out these tests. Please note, however, all batteries damaged during transport will be systematically refused when requesting a guarantee.

You can also find a battery shop to carry out these test for you and send us the results.

Rare products and Restorations


Benefit from our technician's experiments. They will help you to find the best product at the best price.


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