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Alternators, starters and batteries for all vehicles

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The battery

What is the purpose of having a good “Battery”?

In order to have a good working vehicle, it is important to have a good working battery. Whether it is in summer or winter, your vehicle needs to have a fully charged and reliable battery to maintain the good working conditions of your vehicle’s components.

Any vehicle needs a powerful battery to give its engine enough power to start. It is also used in giving the required power to the vehicle electronic components when the demand is higher than what the alternator can supply.

Vehicles equipped with the Start & Stop technology needs AGM batteries as they have high performance components and materials. This new and powerful generation of batteries will help in giving energy to your vehicle even if it has to stop and start many times a day.

You may encounter vehicle’s issues and engine’s damages if the battery is in bad shape. To help prolonging battery’s life and avoiding issues, the battery itself as well as the terminals and cable ends should be kept very clean. Do not hesitate in periodically testing your battery for proper performances.

If you have to remove the battery on your own, do not forget to disconnect the negative (-) terminal first otherwise you may experience short circuits. To put in the new battery, simply reconnect the positive (+) terminal first followed by the negative (-) one. 

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