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Volkswagen engines and vehicles have starters and alternators designed and produced by original equipment manufacturers such as Valeo and Bosch.

Energyparts is able to provide private and professional customers with alternators and starters adapted for the Volkswagen brand in original equipment quality or equivalent certified by our teams.

Find the reference on your Bosch part

To find your part, you just have to find its reference as shown opposite:

The Volkswagen reference is 038 903 023 K. In this case, it is a part manufactured by Bosch with reference number 0 124 315 001: it is this reference that must be found. It should be noted that Valeo Volkswagen vehicles are also found on them, among others. Bosch references are characterized by:

For new parts:

- Alternators: 0 + 120 or 121 or 122 or 122 or 123 or 124 + 3 digits + 3 digits. Example: 0 124 555 035

- Starters: 0 001 + 3 digits + 3 digits. Example: 0 001 263 008

For parts overhauled by Bosch (alternators and starters) the reference is 0 986 + 3 digits + 3 digits. Example: 0 986 050 205

Find all the necessary information about the Bosch brand.

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With the search by reference, you are guaranteed to receive the parts that meets your expectations.

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