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Alternators, starters and batteries for all vehicles

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Alternators, starters and Bosch parts

For more than 100 years, Bosch has supplied quality and reengineered products to its customers. Bosch is the first worldwide equipment supplier, equipping light vehicles as well as the heavy ones. Energy Parts’ specialists can provide you with new products as well as reconditioned products coming directly from the Bosch’s factories. 

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Batteries Deka

The Deka battery range is specially designed for Harley-Davidson.

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Alternators, starters and Delco parts

Delco Remy is a worldwide notorious manufacturer known for its high-tech alternators as well as its starters especially made for the light, heavy and industrial vehicles. The company offers products that are directly used by some of the biggest car manufacturer such as General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Toyoto, Honda, Caterpillar and many others.

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Alternators, starters and Denso parts

Denso is known for its technological expertise in the field of starters. Its original DENSO gearbox is a model of advanced technology, its power and strength make it the starter most used by motor sports vehicles.

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Alternators, starters and Guttels parts

Guttels is a select brand being exclusively available on the EnergyParts site. It is the chosen choice of our professionnals and is offered at an unbeatable value for money price.

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Alternators, starters and Hitachi parts

Hitachi is a Japanese electronics brand that supplies major Asian automakers such as Issuzu, Yanmar, Nissan, ...

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Ina parts


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Lenco parts

New ! Energyparts expanded its steering pumps and racks offer by adding the famous brand Lenco.  Established in 1985, the renovator Lenco has a large range of products brand new or renovated that covers many kind of vehicles.

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Alternators, starters and Magneti parts

Magneti Marelli is a company owned by the group FIAT. The brand deals with manufacturing high-tech and high quality electrical systems for the automotive industry.

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Alternators, starters and Mahle parts

Mahle is the new name of the Iskra/Letrika’s products. The brand produces alternators, starters as well as spare parts in its different factories around the world. Mahlé’s products are originally mounted on various tractor’s brands such as Massey Ferguson, Case, …

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Alternators, starters and Mitsubishi parts

Mitsubishi Electric is an electronic systems manufacturer worldwide known for its powerful alternators and starters that are originally mounted on vehicles. The brand also allows you to get products from a huge variety of spare parts.

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Alternators, starters and Nikko parts

Nikko has specialized itself over years in the manufacturing of products meant to operate under the most extreme work conditions. 

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Batteries Optima

The needs in energy never stop to evolve in today’s vehicles. Optima offers very high performance batteries for energy-hungry vehicles.

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Alternators, starters and Prestolite parts

Prestolite Electric is world renowned as a specialist in the development of alternators, starters and electrical systems for Trucks, Military vehicles, Agricultural and Marine

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Alternators, starters and Sawafuji parts

Sawafuji has been in business for more than 100 years in Japan. The company is worldwide known for being one of the main suppliers of spare parts for the public and mining sector.

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Alternators, starters and Valeo parts

Valeo is well known for being one of the first equipment suppliers in the world. The brand has been the leader on the automotive electric market for years and provides electric equipments to many European car makers such as BMW, Audi, PSA, Renault … 

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Batteries Varta

Today, Varta’s products satisfy millions of users throughout the world. The products are made to provide a huge power and an exceptional reliability.

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Zen parts


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